IBM i enthusiasts, your zone is ready ... ya era hora cogno ¡¡¡
IBM i enthusiasts, your zone is ready ... ya era hora cogno ¡¡¡
Martín Ortega Novella   28 Abril 2011
IBM i enthusiasts, thanks for your patience -- your zone is ready!
If you're a fan of the IBM i Operating System, you've seen it go through a number of changes over the years (it has previously gone by the names OS/400 and i5/OS). And while you may have noticed IBM i resources here on developerWorks, we've never had a central repository for all of our IBM i content. Until now. Our new IBM i zone makes it easy to find a wide range of technical resources -- articles, forums, downloads, technical updates, and much more -- related to this popular OS. Those of you who are already familiar with IBM i know how unique it is, with its high level of integration (that's what the "i" stands for) and an underlying architecture that provides for simplicity, stability, and security. ...............................................

Coge el texto rojo de arriba, llévatelo a un traductor, (inglés/español versión reducida), el resultado es este:
Ya era hora cogno, ya era hora ¡¡¡
Me tomaré un culín de sidra para celebrarlo.

Enlace con el nuevo recurso
Enlace con la noticia en Recursos AS400

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1 Dave Hay 25.04.2011 11:34:41

Great to see this, thanks for sharing. OS/400 rocks :-)

2 Martín 26.04.2011 11:15:11

You are wellcome Dave, best regards from Spain.

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