Bug in the Picasso Blog that I put yesterday to download, horrible ¡¡¡
Martin Ortega
23 Mayo 2020
I'm reviewing the NSF that I put for download, horrible !!! The "Modify Design" option the X2 option looked fatal, it looked like the design had been done by a retired IBM (hardware) technician.
I have already corrected it, I have deleted it from the post, it is now in the factory.
I know that this is not downloaded by anyone but just in case, lest someone accidentally download, the covid-19 has us all a bit confused (especially Donald Trump) and everything could happen.
This ..... I just saw another little problem, in the X2 option too.
The "Recent Comments" link shows "Recents Posts", this is not fixed, I'll wait to see if I see more bugs.
At the moment I leave the link to the factory here but this can change at any time.
Here I leave the link, but be careful, here there are many bugs, the design is completely hardware ¡¡¡

Regards from Spain
Quedará pendiente de aprobación
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