Incredible, amazing, awesome Notes Template (English Post)
Incredible, amazing, awesome Notes Template (English Post)
ADMIN ADMIN   18 Setiembre 2009
The post title it is really because I am trying to appear in the Planet Lotus "What's hot "  (it makes me illusion, a lot of illusion)
Is this database really incredible, amazing ????. (Acojonante)
The correct answer is "NOT", but.................I'm a hardware technician, this demonstrates that anyone can create applications quickly using Lotus/Notes, mainly if you have a good template like the dominoblog.ntf.
Will I put it in the Download ESLUG Area ??? Sure, but I need to finish it.


It doesn't allow comments.  
The LetSideBar, (the tag cloud) it is a simple code HTML, the TAG are added automatically to the left menu.
The Home Page doesn't change, is a HTML Block Template,  only changes the " Recent Entrances table" content,
Created using the dominoblog.ntf.

Link to database (under construction)
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1 Martin 19/09/2009 15:17:33

Hola Juan, si quieres que te sea sincero, yo tampoco lo entiendo muy bien, le he dado las gracias y punto, igual es algo malo pero no importa.

A ver si entra algún listo y nos lo explica.

Un saludo

2 Juan F. Ruiz 19/09/2009 14:18:42

Martin, I've lost with the word 'cross' ...

What's the meaning of that funny word in this context? Because when i want to go to the other side of the street i cross the road, but ... but ... the night fools me!

Spanish note: Como mi inglés es bastante zapat... estoooo patatero, te aclaro que con lo de "The night fools me!" quiero decir ¡La noche me confunde! aunque seguro que lo he puesto mal ... muy mal ... :-P

3 Martin 18/09/2009 21:26:35

Thanks for your comments Sean.

Best Regards

4 Sean Cull 18/09/2009 18:48:22

I was getting realy cross about your attempt to get into "whats hot" but actually your template is pretty good

Having said that I am still fairly cross

5 Miguel A Calvo 21/09/2009 12:32:20


El trabajo en tu blog es muy bueno, pero el idioma es un lastre. Seguro que en la versión "española" de planetLotus estarías todos los días en el "Qué hay caliente" :-)

Un saludo

6 Martin 21/09/2009 20:18:10

Hola Miguel Angel, seguro que estaría pero en la parte de abajo, la de arriba estaría reservada para el Ed Brill español.

Un saludo

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Incredible, amazing, awesome Notes Template (English Post)