Incredible, amazing, awesome Notes Template (English Post)
ADMIN ADMIN   18 Setiembre 2009
The post title it is really because I am trying to appear in the Planet Lotus "What's hot "  (it makes me illusion, a lot of illusion)
Is this database really incredible, amazing ????. (Acojonante)
The correct answer is "NOT", but.................I'm a hardware technician, this demonstrates that anyone can create applications quickly using Lotus/Notes, mainly if you have a good template like the dominoblog.ntf.
Will I put it in the Download ESLUG Area ??? Sure, but I need to finish it.


It doesn't allow comments.  
The LetSideBar, (the tag cloud) it is a simple code HTML, the TAG are added automatically to the left menu.
The Home Page doesn't change, is a HTML Block Template,  only changes the " Recent Entrances table" content,
Created using the dominoblog.ntf.

Link to database (under construction)