HCL Domino Blog (Multiple Home Page) Vincent van Gogh option, almost ready to download
Martin Ortega
3 Noviembre 2021
Image: HCL Domino Blog (Multiple Home Page) Vincent van Gogh option, almost ready to download
This blog will be available for download when the HCL Domino Blog Template has no copyright (only God knows when)
The novelty of the "Vincent van Gogh" option (you can change the blog design from the Configuration Document) is that the Home page is no longer the Blog Home.
The easy thing would be to create an NSF as Home and from there put a link to the Blog, but I want the Home to be in the NSF of the Blog.
Well, I'll tell you something more about this new option of the Configuration Document, for now I leave the link here.

In small resolutions you can get lost (you never really know where you are but I'm fixing it)

Here is the link
Lars Pflanz
04/11/2021 13:38:52

Nice Blog. How can i download die NSF File ?

04/11/2021 15:13:59

Hi Lars.

This blog is not finished, anyway I can send you the NSF with the option that is now visible, "Vincent van Gogh", but in English, German is too difficult for me.

You will tell me if you prefer to wait that I finish it, or you want the NSF how it looks now.


Fatih Duranoğlu
05/11/2021 16:14:51

Hi Martin

So nice blog can you share nsf with me. Thanks

06/11/2021 19:10:34

Hello Fatih, this blog is under construction.

I've really abandoned it, there are things that I don't like, I'm working on a new version but I don't want to publish it yet.

When it's OK, I'll send you the link, if you're still interested I can send you the NSF to your email address.

Regards from Spain