Changing the Domino Blog design, step by step
Martin Ortega
3 Enero 2022
First, do not modify your HTML templates, create new ones with a different name.
Create the new HTML Templates using the documents
from this database.

Important ¡¡¡

Do not create a new DEFAULT ITEM TEMPLATE
This post explains how to make the changes without to modify your CONTENT NOTES form

First step, change the Home Page
This is the procedure:
You  only needs to change one Templates in your Configuration Document.
The Templates tab of your Configuration Document will show this:

Image:Changing the Domino Blog design, step by step

Change the Default Site Template field value to the new PAGE TEMPLATE that you created:

Save the configuration document

Image:Changing the Domino Blog design, step by step

Your blog looks horrible ???
Don't be nervous, don't panic ¡¡¡

You will need to change the content of your DEFAULT ITEM TEMPLATE (better create a new one)
This should be the content:
<ul id="enlacesubject"><li><$DXSubjectLink$></li></ul>
<span class="autormini"><$DXAuthor$></span>

<i class="fa fa-calendar fa-fw w3"></i><span class="fechamini"><$DXLocaleLongDate$></span>

<div class="w3-container" style="padding:10px 0px"><$DXItemContent$></div>

<div id="commentmini">

<i class="fa fa-comment" style="padding:0 5px 0 0"></i><span><$DXCommentCount$></span>



<div class="categorias"><ul><$DXCategory$></ul></div>

If you create a new one, change this value in the configuration document

Image:Changing the Domino Blog design, step by step
The link below shows how your blog will look.

This is the result

Then you can change the rest of the Templates, example:
Do you want to change the Search Results ???
This is what you have to do:

Image:Changing the Domino Blog design, step by step

I think it's easy but if anyone has any questions, I'm here, feel free to ask me

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