Era un blog sobre AS/400 y Lotus Notes
Martin Ortega 27/01/2022
You don't like the result ??? I am going to give several examples of things that you can change yourself. Example 1, Home Page size Change the value whatever you want, the bottom link has a value of 1400px Link /* .....size 3 */ @media screen and (min-width: 1093px) { /* Contenedor Home----------------------------------*/ #cuerpohome { max-width:1700px;text-align:center;margin: 80px auto 30px auto;padding:0px 10p ...
Martin Ortega 27/01/2022
Create your HTML Templates with the name you prefer Insert them into your Home Page (shown in the previous post) Modify the Configuration Document (Only the Home Page and the Default Item Template) This will be the result That you don't like the result??? in my next post I will explain how to change it
Martin Ortega 26/01/2022
LINK BEATLES BLOG Llevo una temporada missing, igual alguien pensaba que había tirado los pinceles a la basura, pues no, lo que pasa es que últimamente llueve poco y yo suelo pintar los días lluviosos. Voy a pintar un blog desde cero pero ahora me olvido de los pintores, la cosa va de grupos musicales y claro, el primero son los Beatles (imposible que fuera otro) SIDRA400 está hecho unos zorros, voy a usar este ejemplo para mejo ...
Martin Ortega 05/01/2022
If you do not want to change the CONTENT NOTES form, here I put an option Maybe you don't like the design (and neither do I) it's just an idea I will tell you how to change the design You just have to create a new ITEM DEFAULT TEMPLATE with this code
Martin Ortega 04/01/2022
Yes, I know the answer. The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind and the answer is NO. Well, there are actually some blogs scattered around Planet Earth but they are from people who love the product. Sure there are a lot of people who love Domino/Notes but no wonder they don't use it, the Domino blog is a very good but outdated app, IBM did nothing to improve it and neither did HCL I remember when ED Brill worked at IBM, he ...
Martin Ortega 03/01/2022
First, do not modify your HTML templates, create new ones with a different name. Create the new HTML Templates using the documents from this database. Important ¡¡¡ Do not create a new DEFAULT ITEM TEMPLATE This post explains how to make the changes without to modify your CONTENT NOTES form First step, change the Home Page This is the procedure: You only needs to change one Templates in your Configuration Document. The Tem ...

Author SIDRA400

Mi nombre es Martín Ortega Novella, vivo en Asturias, casi toda mi vida laboral ha sido en IBM, pero ya estoy jubilado.
Siempre he utilizado Lotus Notes/Domino para mi blog, donde me he sentido más cómodo ha sido cuando estaba alojado en mi AS/400, ahora está en un iMac
Durante un año utilicé IBM WebSphere Portal Server, un gran producto pero volví a usar Lotus / Notes porque es lo que más gusta.
SIDRA400 es miembro del ESLUG (Spanish HCL Domino User Group).

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